Upon walking into the Maker’s Room, you would be greeted by an iconic BB-8 seated right at the glass of the store front. Yes, you probably would have guessed it – tinkermind (yes, in full lowercase!), a company which specialises in 3D printing has 3D-printed this adorable BB-8!

Besides working on his daily printing, Brent, one of the co-founders of tinkermind, has a greater role to play – to make learning fun and relevant for learners like you and I. tinkermind strives to inculcate the art of 3D printing in curriculums, more importantly, they hope to empower learners with the hands-on mentality and relevant skillsets needed in our daily lives.

Before landing in Singapore, Brent was an educator in a museum in Canada, which interestingly contains a makerspace. Through his various work experiences, his knowledge in the arts and technology sector has gradually grown. His mastery of the 3D printers and its processes has provided him the opportunity to move to Singapore, and leading him to co-found tinkermind.

Despite the relevance to his previous job, at tinkermind, he faces a different set of challenges. For instance, Brent feels the need to understand Singapore’s culture, the elements we value in our education system and how he can appropriately apply his experiences in Canada, to the curriculum in Singapore. Luckily, Chen Chen, tinkermind’s Business Development lead who is also an ex-school teacher, helps to ensure that the curriculum remains engaging and relevant for the students.

In the long run, the team would like to use its curriculum as a platform to spark conversations with teachers and parents and of course, to allow them to understand the value of what tinkermind does. Currently, being a part of the MOX community has inspired Brent to explore collaboration opportunities with other business, even in a cross-disciplinary sense where there is always room to make the impossible, possible. One of many interesting ideas which Brent has shared was to produce 3D-printed fabric! How cool is that?!

Being in the creative sector, Brent constantly advocates the hands-on mentality which supports the maker’s movement – “if this is spoilt, I can fix it” and “I can make that instead of buying it”. While this cannot be inculcated instantly, the spirit and desire to grow and improve would open opportunities for like-minded makers to come together to bring change, slowly yet steadily.

Join in the maker’s spirit, pop by www.tinkermind.sg to learn about 3D-printing today!