Enjoy a tea experience like no other with The Tea Story’s healthy and caffeine-free loose leaf teas.

Their teas are made from hand-picked tea leaves, fresh fruits and flower petals from across the globe, and are treated with extreme care and concern, ensuring the best and purest quality of tea there is. Furthermore, they are organic and packed with antioxidants and vitamins that ar

e beneficial for the body.

With a strong sustainability ethos and passion for tea, The Tea Story seeks to revolutionise the competitive tea market in Singapore by delivering an unparalleled and unique tea experience for their customers.

This has sparked them to go further than simply making and serving tea, and has led them to try tea food pairing, which they believe can help unlock the rich and smooth flavours of their loose leaf teas, thus further enhancing the tea drinking experience. 

Check out @theteastory for your organic & caffeine-free tea options!

The Tea Story

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