Fossa Chocolate is the first in Singapore to provide bean-to-bar chocolates that are quality and ethically sourced, with unique and bold flavours that are sure to make mouth-watering treats!

Meet the team behind this award-winning chocolate – Charis, Jay, and Yilina – who first discovered their love for chocolate after chancing upon the wonderful flavours of cocoa and sugar in a Madagascar chocolate bar. Chocolate making soon became an obsession for them as they looked to dedicate their time and effort into the slow making process of chocolate. From there, Fossa Chocolate was born.

Fuelled by three key values – Flavour, Experimental, and Collaborative, Fossa Chocolate creates delicious and mouth-watering chocolate bars through a long and meticulous chocolate making process, whilst also collaborating with other brands to help enhance customer experience.

Drop by @fossachocolate for your dose of chocolate goodness!


Charis, Jay & Yilina, Fossa Chocolate

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