Co-founder and Curriculum Development Lead Brent Wettlaufer has always been a problem-solver, and found out that the best way to solve problems was by forming a community. So, he set out to find “Makers” of diverse backgrounds and skill sets in order to solve the most challenging of problems.

Brent’s pursuit of curiosity and creativity, coupled with the desire to share the joy of discovering with others, drives him to do what he does everyday. From there, tinkermind was born.

With a strong Maker ethos, paired with the value of learning by doing, tinkermind hopes to educate and empower people by sparking their interest in creating and problem-solving through applied training programmes and workshops.

Furthermore, you can access amenities such as 3D printers at tinkermind studio in MOX to produce your very own 3D designs!

Now anyone can be a Maker! Visit @tinkermindsg to learn more about 3D printing, coding, and design thinking through their applied training programmes! 


Brent Wettlaufer, Tinkermind

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