Pétale Tea is Singapore’s first blooming tea specialist that has more than 30 types of handsewn blooming teas that are known for beauty and health benefits! With hopes to create a difference in the highly competitive tea industry, Pétale Tea takes it beyond simply just drinking tea, and hopes to highlight the luxurious yet affordable experience that customers will receive when drinking their teas.

Rosemary, who was formerly the Matron of The V Tearoom aka The Cookie Museum, began to pick up tea knowledge and tea showmanship. That was the period where she also began to show appreciation towards tea drinking.

After the birth of her first child, and at the age of 35, Rosemary knew that she needed to do something for her life and leave a legacy. Thus, with her passion and interest for blooming tea, she decided to embark on this journey.

Be sure to check out @petaletea for a happy tea experience!


Rosemary, Pétale Tea

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