Living in a tech-savvy world, tittle&jot, or t&j, aims to push the habit of journaling into the light for its wondrous benefits.

Meet Jillian, the co-founder & Lead Designer at tittle&jot, who started the brand for everything she stands for and believes in. With nature as their main source of inspiration, Jillian and her team consistently create and push creative boundaries to build a positive energy and self-love culture in the journaling community.

As “tittle” and “jot” refer to the smallest iota of details, t&j faces the real issue of mental health and shares the importance of self-care in a sustainable way. The team aspires to remind the community that a combination of the littlest efforts make a great deal of difference.

Swing over to kickstart your journaling habits!

Jillian, tittle&jot

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