Meet Aditya, the co-founder & CEO of Codomo who wants to deliver delightful education experiences geared for the 21st century. Together with his diverse team of engineers and designers, Codomo is trying to lead the change they want to see in the world of education.

Codomo started with a spontaneous idea to teach computer science, design thinking, and maker skills to children but faced with various challenges with parents, teachers and even children themselves. 

This is where Codomo got inspired to break down these walls and high barriers for the community. And the result – Potato Pirates, a brand of innovative games that introduces and teaches the fundamentals of coding concepts.

Seeing the positive reinforcement from the users of Potato Pirates, Aditya and his team are motivated to make education fun for anyone, and to create more games that promote creativity and design thinking.

Check out @codomosg for their latest updates and workshops to boost your creativity too!

Aditya, Codomo

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